Meet the New Mama Behind OBC - Miranda!

We have big exciting news about the future of Olivia's Bow Club!

After 5 incredible years as the founder of Olivia's Bow Club, it is time to pass the Bow Mama torch on to a new, amazing Mama. 

I have loved every minute of creating and cultivating the beautiful community that surrounds Olivia's Bow Club over the last 5 years.  It is time for me and my family to start our next adventure and we are sooooo excited to pass this company on to a new family with new ideas and new energy. 

I am overjoyed to get to continue being a part of the OBC Mama Community and to see this company continue it's growth so it can impact more and more beautiful mamas in the years to come.So, please allow me to introduce the NEW OWNERS of Olivia's Bow Club, Miranda & Seth (and their beautiful crew of 5 adorable kiddos)!

XOXO - Lindsay, Olivia, Jake, Roni and Andrew

A Letter From Miranda

Hi, I'm Miranda Ramirez!

Homeschooling mother of 5, wife to goofy husband, Seth, and entrepreneur.

Seth, and I have run a slew of businesses over the course of our relationship. We make a great team in business and life.

Growing up, all I wanted in life was to be a mom with an amazing husband who stands beside me through anything. So far, God has given me just that. I have been blessed with all my babies and Seth. We live in Lincoln, Nebraska with dreams to one day live out in the country with plenty of room to roam. We are very fortunate to have our families close by to help be our village.

I have always been passionate about being a mother and making sure other mommas around me feel empowered in their own motherhood journeys. It is so important to me that everyone knows there is no perfect way to be a parent. We all have our flaws, and that is just fine. I mean, I think we all know how difficult it is to take a family picture, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Seth and I have been together for more than 11 years and will be married for 7 this New Years Eve. Everyone celebrates our anniversary! We are high school sweethearts and love every second of our story…even when things haven’t been easy.

Our oldest son is Braxton. He turns 8 on the first of November. He has the biggest nurturing spirit amongst our children.

Grayson is 6. He’s our Dennis the Menace. If we ever lose him, we can either find him in a tree in our backyard or hiding somewhere he thinks we will never find him.

Kimmy is our little momma. She is 4 and the sassiest thing. We’ve joked that she’s been opinionated since birth, but we really hope that will help her lead an empire one day!

Lincoln is a wild child. He just turned 2 and acts almost every bit of it! He talks up a storm and gets into just about everything he can find. His favorite is my morning coffee…

Our newest addition is Mila. She was born June 10, 6 days late, but I’m not salty about that at all. She has to be our happiest little babe! You can find her with a smile on her face almost all the time.

We are excited to bring a unique feel to OBC, so be ready to connect with me and my family!

I can’t wait to go on this journey together!

- Miranda