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Facebook Community

Perhaps the most-loved part of our Brand! Our Facebook Group is your space to chat about mama life, trade advice, get early access to releases, and find friendship in one another.

From one of our mamas: "I just wanted to say thank you for creating OBC. I love the bows, but even more so I love this community of mamas you’ve created! I’ve met and had great conversation with so many mamas since we have been a part of this group and I feel like this is one of the most supportive, and least drama filled mama groups I’ve ever been involved in."

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Get encouragement AND exclusive access to sales & more - Right to your phone. It's like having a best friend in your pocket to remind you that you are enough on those days that feel impossible to get through.

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Craving more? On top of receiving exclusive sales and being the first to know about releases, take a breather with longer words of encouragement, personal mama stories, and tips, tricks, and advice designed to make you laugh, feel empowered, and feel ready to take on the crazy day again.

Motherhood is a wild, beautiful ride. Having like-minded moms to share it with makes it even more beautiful!

The OBC Collective Community is here to support you, empower you and remind you that YOU are enough.  In a world with so much pressure, judgement and so many un-kind narratives surrounding motherhood and self-worth, we decided it was time to create a community where mothers and children could find light, empowerment and the support they need to remind them that THEY ARE INCREDIBLE.

Brave. Strong. Empowered. Real. This is our community.