Behind the Brand


What started as bows became so much more...

It became a community in motherhood.

Olivia's Bow Club is born.

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I was thrilled to find out that I would soon be joining the “girl mom club" after my first baby - My beautiful 1 year old son, Jake.

I was so excited to dress a little girl and quickly become obsessed with making my own bows for her.  I mean, a girl needs to have a bow for every outfit right?  When my excitement turned into a passion, it quickly sparked into a business idea and with my beautiful baby girl, Olivia’s Bow Club was born.  Olivia’s Bow Club started out as a one-of-a-kind, handmade baby bow subscription and quickly blossomed into a huge success. 

As the company grew, so did the community of incredible women who surrounded OBC.  New mamas were joining our facebook group every day, I was inviting more and more local moms to help me ship packages, I was enlisting women to help make bows, I was reaching out to friends of friends who wanted to be a part of this rapidly growing company.  Little did I know that instead of just growing a company, I was un-intentionally creating a massive community of moms just like me.

Then, the world changed.

OBC exploded into so much more than just a bow company.  It became a community in motherhood, a comradery of women, a place where moms of all kinds could come and find a virtual family of some of the most incredibly kind and support women I had ever encountered.

Then, the world changed ... the COVID-19 pandemic hit and lockdowns left mothers feeling alone, children feeling frustrated, families scared and unsure about the future.  During the midst of an insanely dark time, I saw a tiny light become a glowing flood of support.  Our virtual community of women  flourished. Mothers could come to OBC and find the support they needed, the understanding they desperately wanted and the empowerment they so badly needed to get them through one of the toughest and scariest times in their lives.  I realized that what started as a bow company was no longer just that ... it was so much more.

It was so much more than bows...

It was a COMMUNITY, a place where women felt heard, a group of friends, a vessel for support and empowerment.  The company had grown up right along side all of the mothers and little girls who had joined us along the way. 

It’s crazy to think that what started as a small homemade bow hobby has turned into a community like no other, but here it is.  This is home for me.  This is where I get to see so many women come together and support each other through the crazy ride of motherhood.  We are in this together, so jump on board the crazy train with us and let this community empower you and your little one’s through every stage of life!  With the support of your favorite mom group and products that will remind you and your littles how incredible you really are, get ready to feel empowered and loved... because YOU mama, are WORTH IT.

Meet our dream team of moms!

Just a few of the women that make the magic happen everyday and help bring the Olivia's Bow Club's vision and mission to life.

Fully powered by mamas

We believe in the power of moms - And that moms are rockstars. We’re SO passionate about supporting other mamas venturing through this wild ride of motherhood.

That’s why we employ kick-booty mamapreneurs in every area possible! Olivia's Bow Club is powered by 20+ mamas just like you.

Empowering you & your littles

The OBC Community is here to support you, empower you and remind you that YOU are enough.  In a world with so much pressure, judgement and so many un-kind narratives surrounding motherhood and self-worth, we decided it was time to create a community where mothers and children could find light, empowerment and the support they need to remind them that THEY ARE INCREDIBLE.

Building an unbreakable mama community

Moms are stronger together. We're all along for the wild ride of motherhood, so why not enjoy the highs, the lows, the humor and the hard stuff with a community backing you up and cheering you on along the way?  Welcome home to OBC... Mama, you're right where you belong and we are SO EXCITED to have you here!