We're making a big update around here - FREE SHIPPING, ALWAYS! *Cue the excited screams and happy dances!*
As Olivia's Bow Club grows, we are constantly working on improving your experience shopping with us... and we decided that it's time to offer FREE SHIPPING on everything shipped to the USA!!  🎉 Read below for all of the details! 
What does this mean for my subscription?
We have adjusted the price of your subscription to include the shipping cost so you never have to worry about that again! For example, if your subscription was previously $12.99 + $3 shipping, it is now $15.99 with free shipping - Easy peasy! Your total subscription cost has not changed but you now have access to FREE shipping on all additional items from our shop! Yippee!
What is the NEW PERK for being an active subscriber?
We are working on rolling out a very exciting NEW member perk! Stay tuned for an announcement when the roll out is complete! (hint hint it's an automatic discount)
What about "ship with subscription"?
We're saying a heartfelt goodbye to this shipping method and welcoming in something better. Now, your add-on bows will ALWAYS ship for free, and will ship throughout the month, within 7 business days of purchase. This means you'll get your add-on bows even FASTER, and never have to worry about accidentally choosing the wrong shipping method and wondering where your bows are! Phew!
Now that shipping is free, will my open orders with "Ship with subscription" ship earlier?
No - Any current orders placed before the site-wide shipping was put into effect will keep its current shipping status. If you chose "Ship with subscription", it will ship at the end of this month. If you want to ship your order sooner, you can click here to add shipping onto your order.
What about international customers?
We currently only ship to the USA and Canada. Canada subscribers will now enjoy their shipping cost bundled into their subscription at $15.99-$17.99 (depending on the set), which actually means a savings of $3 every month! (International shipping was previously $6). Bows from Olivia's Bowtique and the Vault will be shipped with a USPS-Calculated rate. Apparel will ship for free.
I noticed that the matching subscription bows have increased in price! How does this affect me if I have those in my subscription?

In order to offer site-wide free shipping on anything and everything, we have had to make a few adjustments to product cost. We always want to give you the best value on adorable bows possible and have not updated our pricing in 3 years even though we have been significantly improving our quality 😍 So, we have had to make some small price adjustments and have now adjusted the price of matching subscription items to reflect the prices of our other add-on items.
If you currently have a matching subscription bow in your subscription, you are grandfathered into the original pricing - Yay! The new cost of these will be in effect for any new additions or new subscribers.
Got questions?  Email us at support@oliviasbowclub.com
April 15, 2021 — Lindsay Darnelle